Fast Forward Framework By Dr. Jane Cox


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TEN STEPS TO HELP YOU LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE… The Dr Jane Cox FastForwardFramework will give you the ten steps you absolutely must take to aspire, advance, and achieve! In this book Jane will share the critical first steps that have allowed recent delegates in her programs to –

Get a 50% pay raise!

Go from small business owner to Best selling Author!

Launch a New International Property Business

Become Debt free in 6 months

Create a better life/work balance



Dr Jane Cox is a world-renowned human behaviours expert, business coach, and a specialist on the psychology of wealth and wealth creation.  She is also an in-demand speaker, sharing stages around the world with the likes of Nick Vujicic and Chris Gardner.

A qualified doctor of psychology, with two other doctorates, and several other post-graduate qualifications, she brings a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world expertise.

She is the founder of the “Total Life Dynamics” coaching system, and has a cadre of coaches in the UK, Holland, Belgium, South Africa, and the Caribbean.

Jane works with clients on programmes covering wealth, business development, and personal growth, with a focus on creating lasting change; she has a real passion for giving people not just the knowledge they need to make their lives better, but also the methods & tools to make those changes happen.

Her passion is helping people to live a life they love.


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