A Hand Crafted Holiday

Bringing back the true meaning of Christmas and giving

By Betsy Chasse

I have always loved the holidays. I love everything about it, the decorations, the gathering of friends and family and especially giving. It’s a time honored tradition in my house to get crafty over the holidays and this year it feels even more important not only for me to create hand crafted from the heart gifts, but to support my fellow creatives, artists, writers, musicians in their efforts to support themselves while giving us their gifts.

My kids are 9 and 12 and this year the “Santa” myth has finally been exposed, yes, my son was furious at me for a time, and now I think he and my daughter are beginning to realize that while Santa isn’t a “real” guy in a red suit, his spirit of giving resides in all of us.


Kids will be kids and as Christmas approaches we have been discussing what we desire under the tree and what we’d like to give. For years I have told my kids “anything created by you” and fuzzy socks…ok I love fuzzy socks. My kids have rolled their eyes  in frustration just wishing I would tell them what they could “buy” me. Of course it’s really buying for myself and every year I say the same thing. This year has been no different.

The other night my daughter and I visited a local coffee bar and saw some super yummy looking salted caramels in a bag, simply wrapped. I checked the price and was surprised to see $15.00 for a bag of ten candies! Now I am all for supporting local artisans (That’s what this article is all about) but at $15 a bag, that’s more than this mama can afford for all the wonderful people on our families list.

So we decided to make our own! After purchasing all the supplies to make 15 bags we spent about $15 dollars and ended up making some really yummy, beautifully packaged (Thanks Elora) gifts for our friends and family. In addition I am purchasing little gifts (all under $10) from my local creative friends, books, candles, cd’s and other wonderful creations and at the same time supporting my friends in their work.

This year it’s about keeping it simple, sweet and fun and in support of our friends and family creating amazing things in the world!

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Pictured above. Our hand crafted caramel gifts, Candles from my friends at CBT candles, and one of my books, but there are so many others!


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