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Book Review Find your Awesome!

“I loved this book so much, I couldn’t put it down…it really makes you want to squeeze the juice out of life…brilliant!!” — JcCross In today’s fast-paced world, filled with deadlines, to-do lists and obligations, it’s no wonder we’ve been neglecting the very states of our well-being. Now (more than ever) there’s Find Your Awesome: […]

betsy chasse

Tipping Sacred Cows

  The uplifting story of spilt milk, spirituality and finding your way in a hectic world. Calling all you spiritual flailers, wandering, lost along the path to enlightenment. Ok, you’ve meditated, you’ve fasted, you may even have shaved your head, or maybe you haven’t done any of those things but are considering it — don’t until you […]

Fast Forward Framework By Dr. Jane Cox

    TEN STEPS TO HELP YOU LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE… The Dr Jane Cox FastForwardFramework will give you the ten steps you absolutely must take to aspire, advance, and achieve! In this book Jane will share the critical first steps that have allowed recent delegates in her programs to – Get a 50% […]

Eleven Letters to Change Your Life – Dr. Jane Cox

  Eleven Letters To Change Your Life Success Is – Living Your Life, The Way You Want To Are You living the life you want to live? Are You doing the things you want to do and know that you can do? Probably not, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! But, take heart, for You […]

Books! It Came Out Of My Vagina, Now What!?

Books! It Came Out Of My Vagina, Now What!? “But if, after a good try, you aren’t able to breastfeed, well, guess what? That is totally awesome, too. I’d like to take this moment to remind you that you created life—yeah, life—you know, the most amazing process in the world. You just did that, so […]