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It’s Valentine’s Day! Time for Steamy Nights!

  Rejuvenate Your Love Life By Lori Ann Davis   Intimacy is essential for any relationship. Without it you have a friendship, not an unstoppable relationship full of love and passion. Everyone deserves and, I believe, wants to have that kind of relationship. Demands of life get in the way and become the priority sometimes. […]


Healthy relationships require boundaries.

Boundaries are a really healthy thing, especially after you’ve been burned.   I’ve noticed a few people in my world who have, shall we say, acted in ways unbecoming of a “friend”.  We didn’t really speak for a few years, actually they spoke, sending nasty emails about their opinions about me, my life, my parenting, […]


3 Keys to (Re)Building Trust by Marla Keller

TRUST! Say it out loud! Now, what does your body feel like? What feelings are you experiencing? Are you comfortable? Are you anxious? Does it elicit feelings of anger towards relationships in general, and cause you to raise a middle finger to the universe? If not, you go girl! This article may not be for […]


Relationship Assessment!

How’s your Relationship? After working with literally thousands of couples one of the most common statements we hear is It was great until the last few years   50% of all Marriages in the U.S end in Divorce… But there is hope! What we have found is that most couples often  wait until it’s too […]


Leaving After Cheating – To Divorce or Not by Marla Keller

Is it time for a Divorce?   Note: If you are in a relationship where you are afraid for your safety physically and/or emotionally, please find a safe place to go, and leave immediately. Call this number if you do not have a safe place to go: National Domestic Hotline 800-799-7233. Listen to Betsy Chasse interview […]

Want a Radical Marriage? (adjective): very different from the usual or traditional Most couples don’t want an ordinary, boring, routine relationship. They want excitement, fun, closeness, love. When we get married we make vows to be together until death do us part. That’s a long time, and sadly, half of marriages don’t or can’t keep that commitment. We […]


Staying After He Cheats by Marla Keller

A Marriage survives Infidelity By Marla Keller Listen to Betsy Chasse interview Marla about her article series here on Meaningful Mom about Trust, Marriage, Infidelity and how you can build your own foundation of trust with in you! Listen now! Jami and I have been married for over 28 years. And I have been happily married […]