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3 STEPS to Better Communication and Connection

Honest communication is the Key to a healthy relationship. By Jami Keller – Meaningful Mom’s Token Guy Being the father of adult women, I have seen a lot when it comes to angst about what is going on in a man’s head. It is hard to know sometimes. There is a general level of “checking-out” […]

Dirty Fighting from The Token Guy Jami Keller

First I just want to say how honored I am and how fun it is to be the “token guy” here at Meaningful Mom Magazine. What a great group of Mom’s who write so very well.   What I want most for you to know is that I am humbled to be speaking to you […]

Tools to manage the tension in relationships

From HEARTBREAK to getting your needs met healthfully! A blog for Moms part one. So my amazing friend and colleague Betsy Chasse asked me to write a column on her, as the token guys perspective about relationships for moms. First you have to know Betsy is a class act. Her productions are Top Shelf. […]