Conscious Parenting

The Hard Truth: Do You Have a Purpose Beyond Parenting?

By Amanda Herr – Intuitive Life Purpose Guide The day your baby is born is a day filled with beauty and miracles, pride and bliss. To experience something so magical is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s easy to see why our soul would choose this experience. After some time, though, the feeling of […]

Tweens/Teens and Emotional Intelligence

By: Chyrl Mosley – MSN, BSN, BA-Psy, FNP-BC Life Coach and Fledgling Medicine Woman Like many a parent before me, I have fallen into that place somewhere between aggravation and insanity that happens get when my child rolls her eyes or whispers sassy bits of brilliant sarcasm under her breath as she stomps off, after […]


Living by Value Vs.Living in Fear

By Betsy Chasse There has been much said about screen time and our kids. Parents lament that as their kids grow older, their Christmas list becomes less about Legos and more about iPhones, Xboxes, cool new gadgets and accessories. We worry our kids are spending too much time with a screen in front of their […]

Creating Awareness of and Support for Parents with Postnatal Depression

Creating Awareness of and Support for Parents with Postnatal Depression by Juan Vittori Many soon-to-be and current parents are familiar with the baby blues – feelings of exhaustion and overall sadness shortly after a new child arrives. However, when the baby blues become a more pressing, long-term issue, postnatal depression, also known as postpartum depression, may […]


What to give your kids this Holiday Season

Kids want stuff for the Holiday’s, but here’s what they really need. By Lori Ann Davis The holidays will be here before we know it! If you haven’t starting buying gifts yet, you will be soon. If your children are old enough to write, they will be adding to their ever growing list of must have’s […]


Calm Down!?

Calm Down! – How do we communicate to our kids? By Brie Miller I’m watching The Good Wife last night and there was a line that hit me like a freight train. “Have you ever know someone to calm down by telling them to calm down?” – or something along those words. I’ve heard words like […]


Who Takes Care of Mommy?

Tips for Self-Care, and what it takes to make Mom happy By Nina Sidell Becoming a parent summons you to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities outside of life as you know it- including your existing obligations. Delving into new unchartered territory comes with the job description- and continues throughout time, when you […]


Keeping Your Own Faith

  Trusting your own intuition – creating your own experience of Motherhood By Paige Nolan I am standing in my parents’ kitchen when my mom says, “Your children are such a joy, honey. You’re doing a great job.”  I have just returned from a three-mile run outside in the early morning New Orleans heat. I […]