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Raising a happy Muslim child in the West today

Helping our children rise above hate and bigotry and learn to thrive in their diversity By Sayeda Habib I inherited my lovely daughter three years ago when I married my husband and moved to the USA. Not only is learning to parent a huge challenge, but I have to parent in a different way given […]


Every Baby has a Story

One mothers journey to create a family through Surrogacy. By Christy Amireh I never thought I would have a family of my own. I found out that I was 38 and infertile before I married my husband, Haseeb. I was terrified to tell him when we started discussing marriage and settling down. He always wanted […]


What to give your kids this Holiday Season

Kids want stuff for the Holiday’s, but here’s what they really need. By Lori Ann Davis The holidays will be here before we know it! If you haven’t starting buying gifts yet, you will be soon. If your children are old enough to write, they will be adding to their ever growing list of must have’s […]


Tips on getting our kids to hear us!

How do we get our message through to ur kids? Communicating with them in their language… by Betsy Chasse I’ve had an epiphany…. I have a 12.5 year old (that .5 is like really important FYI) and a nine year old and I have spent the better part of their lives attempting to reach them, […]

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Winning With Mom Brain

Moms have alot to think about and sometimes not enough bandwidth in our brains to remember the small stuff. By Paige Nolan I go to Mexico for a long weekend once a year with my best friends, Amy and Lori. We rent a house, bring our husbands, and sit by the pool with magazines, margaritas, […]


Who Takes Care of Mommy?

Tips for Self-Care, and what it takes to make Mom happy By Nina Sidell Becoming a parent summons you to take on a variety of roles and responsibilities outside of life as you know it- including your existing obligations. Delving into new unchartered territory comes with the job description- and continues throughout time, when you […]


Healthy relationships require boundaries.

Boundaries are a really healthy thing, especially after you’ve been burned.   I’ve noticed a few people in my world who have, shall we say, acted in ways unbecoming of a “friend”.  We didn’t really speak for a few years, actually they spoke, sending nasty emails about their opinions about me, my life, my parenting, […]