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A Great NYC Family Vacation Starts with Good Accommodations

Traveling with family can often feel like work rather than a vacation. As Meaningful Mom previously detailed, the fatigue from a jam packed holiday can catch up on you. As a parent, you always have to keep an eye on your kids while simultaneously managing your daily schedule, accommodation, and transportation, among other things.  But if […]

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Family-friendly vacations: Super Spain!

Travel with kids isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it! When an Englishman (or woman!) is looking for easily accessible sea, sand and sunshine, Spain is a relatively common choice of destination. And I confess, in the last few years I seem to have got into the habit of making an annual pilgrimage to this […]


Tips to make Travel with your kids actually fun!

Six lessons for surviving holiday travel with kids! Have you ever been on holidays that you felt like you needed another vacation on top of your official one, just for recuperation? That no matter how wonderful the adventure was, you just felt tired to the bones? Well, that’s pretty much how we felt when returning from […]

Hectic or Heavenly?! 5 ways to turn your summer hectic around

If you are a hard working mom on a lifelong search for the best ways to combine and balance professional and family life, you might relate to my statement: I resent summer holidays. I could come up with at least one major reason per kid that I brought into this world to support my statement, […]