Connecting To Your Feminine Energy by Lori Ann Davis

At our core, we all have a predominate energy that is either masculine or feminine. Generally, women have feminine core energy and men have masculine core energy. In our daily lives as women, we spend a great deal of time functioning in masculine energy. It is part of the role we now play in society and is just part of our lives. I am all for women being equal and doing whatever they want to do! There is a price we pay, though, for spending so much time in masculine energy. Today I want to talk to you about creating more of a balance in your life. I want to talk about reconnecting to your core feminine energy and why this is beneficial to you and your relationships.

I need this reminder myself at times! I am a mom, a wife, and a business owner. As I write this blog, my two youngest girls are sitting at the table with me doing their schoolwork. I homeschool them as well as running my own business! So I am multitasking, which is very much a masculine energy activity. Yes, I know women are good at multitasking, but it is not always good for us.

I guess now is a good time to talk about what in the world masculine and feminine energy really is. Masculine energy is all about action, doing, thinking, decision- making, analyzing, leading, giving and problem solving. Feminine energy is being, feeling, expressing, intuition, following, receiving. Some examples of acting in masculine energy include making lists, giving advice and accomplishing. The things we spend most of our day doing.  Feminine energy is long walks in nature, conversations, intuition, expressing feelings; soft fabrics, candles, long baths and anything that makes us feel feminine. It is about being in the moment instead of doing.

Women can easily get out of touch with their feminine energy.  It is important for us to find a way to get back in touch with this side of ourselves. I have found lately that in my relationships, I am too quick to do and to handle things myself and not allow others to help me. I am thinking of giving to them and not allowing them enough space to give to me. I have to remember to give over some of that to the guy in my life. I love accomplishing things, but it is exhausting without balance. I love being around masculine energy because then I tap into my feminine energy and I feel “at home.” I relax and am able to just be and receive. It rejuvenates me!  It also creates great passion in my relationship. No one has to tell you how to be feminine. You already are inside. It is a matter of tapping into this energy and finding what works for you. What do you need to do to feel more feminine?

When we are in that energy, we help men to feel and to get in touch with their heart. It is important for us to be vulnerable and open with our guy so he can feel comfortable enough to share his emotions and feelings. Men cannot connect deeply with us when we are in our head instead of our heart. It is important for us to give up some control and stop managing, and over giving in our relationships. This causes men to feel disrespected, and it hurts the relationship. It takes courage to be feminine and give up this control. It is important to remember femininity is vulnerable but not weak, and it takes courage to be vulnerable. Now I am not suggesting that we have no say in the relationship or that we act this way all the time. I am suggesting that there is a balance we need to find between doing and being.

It is this difference in energy, this polarity that causes the spark in relationships. This is how we keep the passion alive and find balance for ourselves. Think about this the next time you are getting ready for a date, whether the date is with a new guy or the husband you have been married to for years.


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0061-0640web400Lori has a unique and passionate approach to love and relationships and believes that everyone deserves and can have the relationship of their dreams. Her mission is to provide you with the skills you need to have the unstoppable relationship you deserve.She has over 28 years’ experience empowering individuals and couples to live richer, happier lives. Her practice spans the spectrum from dating and singles to working through divorce to renewing long-term marriages. She is the author of: Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships: How to Find, Keep and Renew Love and Passion in Your Life. Visit her website!


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