Dream Dates for Mom – Bejeweling Your Jewels!


A treasure hunt in your own jewelry box!

By Debbie Spector Weisman

When I was younger, all my jewelry fit inside a nice jewelry box that was easy to organize and move around. As the years went by and more jewelry creeped into my collection, I outgrew that box and my pieces tended to either stay in the original boxes they came in or get tossed into a dresser drawer that became the de facto new jewelry box.

Finding that special necklace or those hoop earrings that got mis-sorted with the bracelets became a challenge, and so I ended up wearing the same tried and true pieces that were easy to find and easy to wear.

This Dream Date is for people like me, who wake up one day and realize their jewelry has ended up as one giant pile of semi-precious junk. Taking the time to go through your jewelry, which is the idea behind this Dream Date, gives you a chance to reorganize your own collection and decide what works and doesn’t work for you anymore. Chances are you’ll uncover items you forgot you owned, and finding them and wearing them again is like getting a new piece of jewelry for free. Other pieces might bring back happy memories and just make you feel good. Pieces you’ve outgrown or just don’t want to wear anymore can also make great hand me downs to your kids, either as good items for them to call their own or as play jewelry to use for dress up time.

The great thing about this Dream Date is that you do it from the privacy of your own home. That means you can do it any time after the kids go to bed, while they nap, when they’re in school. Allow yourself at least a half an hour, and I guarantee you that afterwards you’ll have a smile on your face and the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your crown jewels now lie.


Debbie Spector WeismanDebbie Spector Weisman, empowers dreamers to live a life they love through her Dream-Life Coaching practice. More information about her services at www.thedreamcoach.net.


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