Eleven Letters to Change Your Life – Dr. Jane Cox

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Eleven Letters To Change Your Life Success Is – Living Your Life, The Way You Want To Are You living the life you want to live? Are You doing the things you want to do and know that you can do? Probably not, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this! But, take heart, for You it could all be about to change. In this little book you will learn what sets the successful apart. Once you accept that you have as much right to the riches that life has to offer as anyone else, then you are on your way! If you are serious about wanting to make decisive lasting change in your life the most important step you’ll ever take is the first one. You could put this book back on the shelf, or you could take that first step. Like everything else in life it’s up to you.



Dr Jane Cox is a world-renowned human behaviours expert, business coach, and a specialist on the psychology of wealth and wealth creation.  She is also an in-demand speaker, sharing stages around the world with the likes of Nick Vujicic and Chris Gardner.

A qualified doctor of psychology, with two other doctorates, and several other post-graduate qualifications, she brings a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world expertise.

She is the founder of the “Total Life Dynamics” coaching system, and has a cadre of coaches in the UK, Holland, Belgium, South Africa, and the Caribbean.

Jane works with clients on programmes covering wealth, business development, and personal growth, with a focus on creating lasting change; she has a real passion for giving people not just the knowledge they need to make their lives better, but also the methods & tools to make those changes happen.

Her passion is helping people to live a life they love.


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