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Teacher, Mom, Wife follows her passion for uplifting and educating herself, her kids and as many others as she can about living a full and happy life.

By Allison Sutter


Who am I?

First and foremost, I’m a teacher and uplifter to the core of my being. Second, I’m a mother, a wife, a lover of nature, and someone who can’t live far from the water. Growing up, my bedroom overlooked Oyster Bay on Lake Charlevoix. Maui, Hawaii, is my favorite place on earth.

 Currently, I live one mile from Lake Michigan on the North Shore of Chicago with my husband and three girls ages ten, twelve, and fourteen.


What’s my story?

My career began as an elementary school teacher. Over the years, it’s expanded into one of contemporary spiritual teacher. I have an insatiable desire for making spirituality practical, and useful, in solving everyday problems. Taking concepts that some consider impractical such as intuitive and spiritual guidance, and making them relevant to daily life, is the focus of my coaching practice.


Teaching, of which parenting is one aspect, immediately transports me into my highest level of excitement and joy. I get this crazy, goose-bumpy tingling sensation all over my body when I connect my students with information that empowers them to live happier, more fulfilling lives. Transforming lives (including my own and my kids) from the inside-out is my highest priority.


What have I been doing in my career lately?

In 2014, I ventured into writing with the launch of my first book titled, The Power of Focused Attention. A year later I created four online courses covering the topics of visualization mastery, cultivating an abundance mindset, and the fundamentals of Law of Attraction. My classes currently serve students in twenty-two countries.


In August of 2016, I released my first children’s book for ages three to six called, Ebb and Flo: A Day at the Beach.


My second book titled, Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear, and Unleash the Real You is due for publication by Motivational Press in the spring of 2017.  A free e-book, and on-line course, regarding the AYM approach is currently available.


What’s my story?

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a full throttle laugh, a genuine hug, and a heart-felt connection. Humor and light-hearted sarcasm are my secret weapons to diffusing any stressful situation, personally and even professionally. I pride myself on being approachable, open-minded, and unapologetically compassionate.


What’s my parenting philosophy?

In a nutshell, my parenting philosophy is this: things are always going to be okay and things are always working out for us. I’ve been beating this drum so loudly, for so long, it’s lodged itself in the hearts and minds of my girls. When they encounter challenges at school, in life, or with friends, that don’t make sense to them, they default to the above two battle cries. I’ve witnessed, so many times I’ve lost count, the inner peace and emotional certitude my girls have from knowing things are always going to turn out okay for them.


What is your meaning and purpose?

The meaning of life is: the experience itself, to love fully, expand one’s perspective, and marinate in as much joy and appreciation as is possible while we’re here on this planet. My purpose is to teach this lifestyle approach to anyone who wants to embrace it.


Did you know this all along or was it something you figured out later in life?

Knowing I’m a teacher for the purpose of helping others gain spiritual enlightenment for practical problem solving wasn’t always clear to me. I think I knew it, to a certain degree when I was five years old though, because of unusual esoteric experiences I was having at the time. But, I subsequently forgot about them for thirty-five plus years.


Around the age of forty-three, my true purpose revealed itself to me. Before that happened, however, I had to give up certain fear-based mental and emotional patterns. Only then could I hear my inner calling clearly.


How did you come to this?


Around the age of thirty-seven, I got totally fed up with being emotionally uncomfortable. Standing in my kitchen, cradling a sick, crying toddler, I suddenly became severely intolerant of the fear that proliferated my parenting decisions, and my life. My body literally rippled with intolerance for my mental and emotional discomfort. Fear had been controlling me for way too long; I was sick of it running my life.


After that experience in my kitchen, and by divine intervention, I set out to learn all I could about holistic living, who I really was spiritually, and the true nature of reality. I earned a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Level I Certification, worked as a facilitator for high level teachers such as Bob Proctor, and studied everything I could get my hands on such as the Seth books and other esoteric manuscripts.


Do you have a special ‘me time’ ritual?

No, only because I’ve come to look upon every moment of every day as me time. I know that sounds weird as not every moment can be ‘me time’, as we’ve come to define that term. But, through focused attention and daily practice, I’ve learned to live in alignment with my inner being (who is loved-based) more often than not. No matter what I’m doing, whether that’s taking care of the kids, exercising, working with a client, doing laundry, reading a book, writing, or even grocery shopping, I truly appreciate my time for what it is—a unique gift.


allison-sutterMy website is: www.living360coaching.com

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