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I am a Warrior Mom. Every mom is one by definition, but I truly feel it. I have been through infertility, invitro, an emergency c section, a child with ongoing health issues, isolation, guilt, shame, depression, I’ve been through it all. Calling myself a warrior is a way of acknowledging the hard work, determination, and ongoing struggle it takes to be a Mom. I created The Warrior Moms as a place for Mothers to share their stories, get advice, learn, grow and be inspired.

I started out as a Mom Blogger. I wanted to feel less isolated after my son Landon was born with arterial thrombosis in his right arm. We almost lost him. He had a stroke and was supposed to be brain damaged. He survived and his brain was intact but he needed therapies, surgeries and ongoing help. His arm may never be fully functional but we push to get him as far as we can and keep his morale high. Even though what happened to Landon was a lightning striking event, we were scared to have another baby. Low and behold we got pregnant with Caroline “Coco”, who just sprinkled joy and laughter on everything. Our family wouldn’t be the same without her. My husband Brett, who is an amazing caring Father, think that Landon was saved and brought to the world for a bigger purpose. We will see what unfolds.

My work has grown organically through all of this. I was a screenwriter and actor, then (and still) mom blogger ( http://www.onefabulousmom.blogspot.com) , social media business owner and consultant. I was always trying to use my writing and creativity to reach a broader audience and touch people’s lives. Now, with The Warrior Moms platform, my parter Lisa Condren and I highlight Moms in the trenches who have survived everything from post partum and breast cancer, to adoption and starting over after divorce. Mothers have a unique and incredible experience to share and we want to tell their stories. We highlight Moms weekly on #warriorwednesday on our social media, monthly in our Warrior Mom interviews, and feature them at our live Warrior Mom events. We’re also compiling Warrior Mom stories in a book. Sign up on our site and join us. We’re here for you! Http://www.thewarriormoms.co

What is your parenting Philosophy?

My parenting philosophy is have fun, work hard and there are no victims. Although Landon was born with a right arm that needs help, we keep moving forward. We struggle sometimes to find meaning in our suffering but we never stay down for long. We rise up. We persevere. We are Warriors.

What is your meaning and purpose?

I think I was put here on earth to help Moms. To uplift them and give them a voice of empowerment. I started The Warrior Moms so that women would feel the value of sharing their stories no matter how painful it is. Shining a light in a dark place helps women to feel less isolated. They need to know they are Warrriors. They are powerful and strong even in their weakest moments. I love bringing Moms together whether it’s for an uplifting event, play date with kids, or Moms Night with a ton of laughs. We created a tribe section on our site to connect moms. You can join a tribe you feel you identify with and make friends. Our live events are even more powerful. Women coming together and uplifting each other. Any time Moms come together it’s a powerful force. We are the heart of the world. How we take care of ourselves is of upmost importance. This is something most women don’t allow for. We are doing real work and need to practice and acknowledge the real need for self care. We are raising the next leaders. We determine the future and how it unfolds.

Did you know this all along or was it something you figured out later in life?/How did you come to this?

Through my struggle with infertility, and in vitro, I realized how much shame I felt in not being able to get pregnant on my own. Many women hide the fact that they need help. In vitro still seems like a dirty word. I found the more I told my story the more other Moms would divulge theirs. It made the guilt and shame melt away. Then when Landon was born I had to leave the hospital without a baby. He was in the NICU for 52 days and almost didn’t survive. I went into hiding again. Felt guilt that I did something. Felt shame that once again I was in this horrible position. Immediately people showed up for me. Meals, prayers, laughs. I realized again that sharing my story was the only way to survive it. I started my Mom Blog. I told my story to whoever would listen. I soon realized all Moms have a story, something they’ve been through that they almost couldn’t make it through. Moms are Warriors. I wanted to create a platform where Moms could share and realize they’re not alone. We are a TRIBE.

Do you have a daily practice or special “me time” ritual?

I try to wake up before the kids and take a moment to journal, think, breathe. I also put together regular mom events to laugh, share and support each other. At this point in my life I am looking for friends who are deep end swimmers. We tell the truth. There’s no other way to grow.


  • a thought by LeeAnne Matusek

    Love this so much!! So glad I know Liz!!


  • a thought by Myriam Knepper

    Liz, you are a Warrior Mom who always inspires and brings joy to others around you. So glad and blessed to call you my friend. Xo


  • a thought by Paige Nolan

    Love reading your amazing story, Liz! THANK YOU for being a WARRIOR and inspiring us all to carry on! Love to your beautiful family – xox


  • a thought by Suzan

    I did not have special needs children, but we moved with our first son at 3 weeks (I was 19 yrs. old, then 2nd son at 10 days old (job transfers), then 3rd son was a surprise. We were in the middle of building a home ourselves. I carried water from the bathroom to kitchen to do dishes at 9 mos. pregnant. 7 years altogether. We had a wood burning furnace and fireplace, so with my husband traveling all the time, I would split wood after the boys went to bed. We tried to instill good values in them and a strong work ethic. Also with the house building, teaching them to be self-sufficient. I also told them that when they married, they were marrying a MATE….NOT….A MAID, therefore they learned to cook, clean and do their own laundry when they were old enough. All 3 are Eagle Scouts and I was Den Mother for each of them at different points. When they moved into Boy Scouts, their Dad was very involved. 21 job transfers. But somehow in the middle of all that chaos I tried to make HOME a soft place to fall, even living on plywood floors, no matter where we were. With our sons and Foster Daughter now grown with their own families, you NEVER quit being a parent. All four have turned into loving, caring, nurturing parents and partners. Our Foster Daughter has a special needs child (Downs) and she is awesome at taking care of her and home schooling her. Our 2nd grandson also has special needs, as Liz has written about. They are teaching him to be independent and a Thriver. We are so proud of all they have done with our grandson. Our two oldest grandchildren are adopted, so that family went through a lot, but both are early teens now and amazing. Our youngest son has a baby that has had issues. But is growing out of them. What AMAZING Fathers and Mothers they have all turned out to be. I know that I was not a perfect parent. There is no such thing. Most of the time you are flying by the seat of your pants. But one thing I know for sure, through all the chaos and turmoil of all the moves, living in unfinished houses, they learned to be flexible, self-sufficient and resilient. They have all (with their very special mates) met the challenges and are raising children who will make a difference in the world. Warrior Mom? I guess I qualify due to the chaos and living conditions we were in, yet raised 3 sons and a daughter who are amazing people. I guess I taught them (watching me survive the chaos) that they can meet ANY challenge head on and find a creative solution.


  • a thought by Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri

    Love you my dear Liz! You are truly A WARRIOR Mom🙋🏻☮️ You’ve inspired so many moms and continue to spread this beautiful message of HOPE & PEACE! Love having you on @MomTalk and laughing with you ❤️🌈☮️


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