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patrinaPatrina Wisdom is an Amazon Best Selling Author, dynamic speaker, wealth mentor, single mother of four children, and founder/leader of the Badass Bodacious Life Movement. She believes that in order to live a BadAss Bodacious Life you must connect with, embrace, and exercise every part of yourself. A journey she knows all to well.


After losing her husband of 20 years to suicide and learning that she was pregnant with her fourth child the same day, rather than play the victim, Patrina Wisdom courageously took her personal story and two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, and began the process of creating her Badass Bodacious Life.



Fast forward 7 years, She is a thriving CEO Mom-preneur that has graced the stages of Lisa Nichols, eWomen Network and TedX just to name a few…proving that you can overcome obstacles and have it all.

Her visionary work allows her to travel the world inspiring others through her Wisdom Teachings, inspired parenting techniques (including homeschooling, mindfulness, and meditation), and her feminine model of entrepreneurship leaving CEO’s and Mom-preneurs feeling acknowledged, encouraged, and equipped.

We asked Patrina a few meaningful questions:

  1. What is your parenting Philosophy?

My parenting philosophy is that we must be present and treat our children as the individuals that they are. They are the closest thing to God and come to teach us about ourselves. Be open to listen, grow, and learn.

  1. What is your meaning and purpose?

My purpose in life is to be the LIGHT that brings HOPE and guides people to their healing and full embodiment. I pray to leave everyone I come in contact with better than they were before crossing my path. My hope is that they feel seen, heard, and loved by me.

  1. Did you know this all along or was it something you figured out later in life?/How did you come to this?

I have always been a light to others but I didn’t realize how much of a healing effect I had on others until after my husband’s passing. I realized just how much of a leader I was and started taking my role as a healer and leader more seriously. I must be better to lead others to do better.

  1. Do you have a daily practice or special “me time” ritual?patrina book

I wrote an entire chapter on Sacred Self-care in my book Motherhood’s Not for Punks. I would not be able to function as a woman or mom without my daily rituals which include pre-planning my day, setting my intention for the outcomes I want to create, meditation, and getting centered before leaving my room in the mornings.


To find out more about Patrina visit her website.



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