Fun DYI Crafts for kids!

Fun Crafts for kids!

By Betsy Chasse

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Ok, most of us Moms have 5 days left of Winter break. The Holidays are technically over, the tree is drying and needs to go, we’ve eaten enough sugar plumbs to fatten the wallets of our Dentists for another year and we’re all pretty over each other.

Most DYI crafts I find on youtube or other Mommy sites usually end in utter disappointment. Let’s face it, they never usually look like the picture.

My kids came to me yesterday with yet another DYI youtube video and I cringed as they hit play.

Let’s Make Harry Potter Wands!


OMG! Could I make it through another attempt at something usually impossible for most kids, the cries of frustration, the storming out of the room. Ok, maybe your kids are chill when doing crafts, but mine are perfectionists and purists and “artists!”. But I was out of ideas, so I figured, why not…

And guess what! It was actually really fun and easy!

There are lots of videos on youtube to watch with ideas, and we decided to just go for it and make our own.

Here’s the link to the video we watched:

We pulled pictures of Harry Potter character wands and with an agreement that we’d be open to just creating from our hearts and let go of expectations we pulled out the supplies and Voila! Pretty Awesome actually!


  • Low Heat glue Gun (Like $3 bucks at any craft store)
  • about 10-20 glue gun sticks (depending on how many you want to make. It takes about 1/2 a stick for most wands)
  • Glitter
  • Paint (Think Nature or or gem tones)
  • Chopsticks
  • Patience
  • We used paper to cut out leaves for the nature wand and the bone spikes for the “V” (He who shall  not be named) wand. Color them first and then use the glue gun to affix them to the wands!

Once you see the picture’s you’ll get it. Just use the glue gun to build up the base of your wand. We marked the size of the handle by having them grip the bottom of the chopstick and drew a little line with a marker.  Suggested age range is 7 to even MOM!

They’ve been doing this for hours! And when they aren’t creating, well they are casting spells!



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