Launching a Child and a New Hobby By Susan Moldow

All day long this quote stares back at me from the screen of my phone: “The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.  Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life you will never get back.”  Time.  So elusive. So precious. And, waiting for no one.  We can’t make it or hold it, but somehow we can treasure, save, pass, squander and lose it. So, as a major (and emotional) transition takes place in my home, I found that I could be launching a child and a new hobby, all at once.

So, now it is time for me to spend less time with my daughter, a grand receiver of so much of my life’s time.  She is leaving for college this week.  She is my first born, my leap of faith baby.  She knows that is what I call her.  About twenty years ago, I couldn’t believe that I could actually bring another human being into this world.  Back then, my daughter was my leap of faith.  Now I must take another leap: faith in that our new lives will not be ones with less time together but ones with more wonderful times ahead.

Knowing I will soon be the owner of more of this priceless enigmatic thing called time because less of my time will be spent with my daughter, I seem to be on a mission.  Actually, I have been on it for about two years. Maybe some people figure they will deal with it at that moment when their first or only offspring flies the coop.  Not me. I am a planner.  I figure that if my daughter will soon be enjoying passing her time with new adventures, then I will, too. I have already carved out time for taking new classes, beginning some new work, and experiencing some new flavors of exercise.  (Who knew that a jump rope and that intimidating kettle ball were integral during a mid-life crisis?)  But most important, I have begun to color.

Yes, me.  The non-artist.  My daughter would be the most artistically adept member of our family and she colors frequently.  So in my quest to draw (no pun intended) parallels and intersections between time in my daughter’s life and mine, I have ventured into a time unknown to me which includes gel ink pens, crayons, markers, and colored pencils.  It is not like she and I were coloring fanatics years ago and I am re-living our former life. This is not even me re-discovering my inner child.  This time is my time.

Alone with my coloring page, and imbued with some delicious affirmations in my Inkspirations coloring book, I find time to just stay in the present.  In previous times, I was about finding some diversion; however, when I color, I am relaxed and patient, peaceful and creative.   Coloring is timeless.  And it is here that I find myself having what is known as the best time.  This time, I know the best times are yet to come.

About Susan Moldow:

Susan Moldow is a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University pursuing her M.A. in English with a concentration in American Literature.  She is also a high school and middle school teacher/educational consultant with an M.Ed. who loves teenagers and just being in and around school!  She enjoys exercising with friends and loved ones (like her two dogs Sophie and Zeus), singing in the car, going to the theater, reading tarot cards, as well as dining and chatting with her husband and two children.  Recently, she has discovered that she is passionate about coloring, and that her favorite coloring book is Inkspirations for Women.



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