Learning to Receive by Natalia Levey

Are you a GIVER? Here’s why you need to learn to RECEIVE.

Have you ever looked at your day as a whole, and then divided it into a pie chart in the following way: the time I GIVE, the time I RECEIVE and the time I SLEEP?

I’m not a mathematician. I teach people how to be the BOSS of their health, using Beyond Ordinary Self-Care Strategies.  

You must know how important it is to take care of yourself. As our society is moving towards more mindful living, and a lot more people are starting to meditate, do yoga and other stress-relieving activities, us, moms, need to take some serious notice.

We spend a LOT of time in our day giving. Think about all the things that you give. In fact, take a piece of paper, draw a line through the middle, and write them down on the left side. What comes up? Cooking, cleaning, driving, paying bills, ….. let yourself go through the entire list.  Now on the right side, write down all the ways that you are receiving. Do you have help? People in your life that you are learning from? Activities that make you feel more centered or just refreshed? Do you have a set date with the manicurist?

Compare the two sides of the paper and see what jumps out at you. Can you see ALL the ways that you are giving, and ALL the ways you are receiving? Does the scale tip a lot more on the giving end?

We all function in 3 states: giving, receiving and neutral (sleep time).

In order to create balance in our lives, we need to let go of the guilt of receiving; we need replenish ourselves, our energy, our soul.

Let me give you an example from my own personal life: this summer I have spent 6 weeks creating a new online course. I worked directly with the group of four dozen people, providing information and getting daily feedback from them. Putting together all the course materials in video presentations, learning new technologies, doing live video calls, Facebook group interaction…. Let’s just say that my husband and daughter didn’t see much of me during those long days. I was in full-on giving mode. And not to my family! Don’t get me wrong, I still cooked a few meals and went out on walks with them, but those were such limited moments. As soon as I was finished creating the course, I took a week off work and immediately signed up for 3-4 new courses. I needed to receive. Replenish my brain. I went out on hikes and received from nature. I allowed my husband to get groceries or pick a restaurant, so I wouldn’t lose my mind.

So why should we even consider balancing out the GIVING and RECEIVING?

  • Learning to receive will help you understand what’s in your heart.
  • Learning to receive will strengthen your relationships.
  • Learning to receive will teach you to let go of perfectionism.
  • Learning to receive is good for your health.
  • Learning to receive is going to make you feel comfortable with delegating.
  • Learning to receive will make your GIVING time that much more easier and effortless.

Keep in mind that learning to receive will take you time. A good place to start is by formulating EXACTLY what it is you want and then ASKING for it. If you are very specific about the help/assistance you need, people surrounding you will be so so happy to respond! Think about how it would strengthen your relationship with your partner: instead of getting upset over their inability to read your mind, they’ll feel needed and wanted. Once the whole family gets onboard the giving/receiving plan, your days will be a lot more organized and happier!

Think of the receiving as a self-care strategy that’s beyond ordinary.  

Now look at that piece of paper, and on the right side make a new list of things that would make you feel like you are receiving. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with for yourself!

nataliaNatalia Levey, CNC, CHC is a professional chef, author, contributor to Huffington Post, speaker, and a certified health and nutrition coach. She educates people worldwide about how to make behavioral changes resulting in improved nutrition and better energy. Natalia received her culinary training at the Art Institute of New York, is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is certified as a nutritional consultant from The American Association of Nutritional Consultants. She is also the founder of Healthy Intent, a company dedicated to providing healthy, food and lifestyle based solutions for weight loss, vitality and more. She is publisher and editor-in-chief of “Healthy Intent” magazine and her debut book “Cravings Boss” is now available. She resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband, daughter and beloved Samoyed. She can usually be found in her Kitchen, where she is the happiest. Visit her website!

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  • a thought by Joy Nordenstrom

    Crazy how it seems we as Mom’s wait till we are sick to be able to receive (written as I lay in bed with a broken foot, sprained back and after dealing with a case of food poisoning yesterday). Giving is a much easier default. I appreciate your bringing attention to our need to learn how to receive. I’d love for you to dive into how to graciously ask especially when everyone else (family and friends) seem equally tired and overwhelmed.

    Great article,
    Relationship Coach


  • a thought by Natalia Levey

    Oh Joy – first of all, wishing you a speedy recovery!
    So happy the article resonated with you. It’s time for us to move into the space or self-care.

    Will definitely do a follow-up article! Stay tuned:)


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