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“I have not always chosen the easiest path. I’ve navigated through some really tough choices, battled indecision and felt the sadness of isolation and insecurity. I’ve made mis-steps, plenty of them. But I’ve learned something essential along the way: I’ve learned to set aside the harsh judgment and pay close attention to the call of my heart. I’ve learned that the proven path is by no means the best path. And, even more, I’ve learned that if we trust … if we find faith in place of fear … we can, we must soar.” – Marsh Engle


Who is Marsh Engle?


Today I am the mother of two creative, strong and independent sons.  My sons were very young when I divorced from their father, Jon only 9 months and Jason nearly 3 years. That was a scary time: a time of redefinition and reinvention, a time of moving from being a stay-at-home mom and adapting into the unexpected role of single mother, going back to work and being the provider for my young family.


As I reflect to that time, I can see this was an exceptionally powerful and pivotal moment that deeply influenced the direction of my life.  Today I can see that through the experience I gained a new perspective:  life is a series of challenges – some test us, stretch us, move us to stand taller, step up. Others can be heartbreaking opportunities that push us to let go, expand our self-awareness and reinvent. But, one thing is always certain challenges propel us into change.  And change, whatever the circumstance, gives way to finding higher confidence.


Now I can see that it was during those times of young single-motherhood that I first gave birth to my inner-risk taker and bold trailblazer. Making the necessary changes thrust upon me as a single mom gave me the drive to build a thriving career in advertising sales with CBS Television. And, after eight years growing that career, it gave me the muscle to believe in my own abilities and risk opening my own marketing agency representing leading television and film studios. Years later those very scary early challenges gave me the sheer will to step forward in a completely new direction and reinvent myself after surviving a devastating 18 months filled with the unexpected death of my mother – a personal health diagnosis that threatened my future – and, then the passing of my father. It was this experience that led to the creation of AMAZING WOMAN’S DAY and THE ONE MILLION CALLED TO LEAD, initiatives that grew into global movements inspiring thousands to turn their greatest passions into brands and businesses positioned to impact millions.


What is your parenting Philosophy?


Creativity. Independent expression.  And realizing that through our every action we are a modeling potential choices for our children – in this way we are a greater influence in our children’s lives, so much more than we may realize. I can remember someone once saying to me, “Your sons really watch the choices you make.”  Hearing this gave me pause to consider that regardless of their age, I am always a very powerful role model – that my ability to positively inspire and impact their life never ends. This realization made a vast difference. It changed the way I stand in my own authenticity, honor my own callings. And, continues to drive me to be more and more ‘real’ with what truly moves me. Today I can reflect back and wish I’d known this earlier. The fact is the more authentic we are the more self-acceptance and self-love we inspire in our children. This is the biggest gift we can give to our children, something that’s essential for all moms to remember.


How did you manage to build a business and continue to be present for your children?


I can imagine that many mothers believe it’s a constant balancing act, because it is. When my sons were young the answer was to include them in my business. I involved them in my creative process and in my everyday activities – even taking them to meetings with me.  Early on I remember feeling wildly guilty about this. Now, as I look back, I believe involving them in the entrepreneurial process created a solid foundation for valuing creativity and acknowledging what it takes to be focused and successful.


In regards to taking time exclusively for myself: I’ll be honest. I wasn’t always great at it.

Today, with adult sons, it is so much easier than when they were young. In fact, today it is part of my daily practice – rituals that serve to regenerate my energy – dedicating time to nurture my creativity – and prioritizing time with family and friends, and definitely meditation.


What’s important is that we remember being a mother is an amazing responsibility. And, that takes energy, lots of energy. Everyday we can remind ourselves to let go of harsh self-judgment. We can rewrite the story that tells us we are not doing enough or doing it right. We can relax into the truth that we are always doing the best we can.  And, enjoy each new phase of motherhood as it is revealed. Let your love of your children light the way of your best actions.


What are some of your daily rituals that help you keep it all together?


Meditation is big for me. I’m also big on a visualization practice. And journaling is very important: writing, expressing creatively. I write affirmations and share them with my community. I spend time in nature, especially when living on Maui. Connecting with Spirit and creating space for quiet reflection is essential. Now that my sons are grown creating more time for self-care has really become a high priority. I know how hard this can be for moms with young children. What I have found is that the more time I dedicate to self-care, tapping stillness, connecting into my core, the more creative I am. And, even more, I am a much better mother and entrepreneur.




Visit her website! An acclaimed multi-published and award-winning entrepreneur, Marsh is passionate about providing you with the guidance, resources and inspiration to zero in on your greatest value and find ways to bring it to life in significant ways ― as fast, energetically and enthusiastically as possible. Her work in the field of women’s success, creativity, leadership and signature brand development promotes solutions to define vision — in career, in business and in life — while providing tangible resources, specialized coaching and trainings.

Nominated among THE POWER 100 WOMEN IN ENTERTAINMENT and named WHO’S WHO IN AMERICAN WOMEN ~ her groundbreaking programs and events have been instrumental in inspiring the success leadership of over 25,000 coaches, authors, small business leaders and career professionals. She is CEO of the Marsh Engle Media Agency, a diversified media, career development, publishing and merchandising company devoted to engaging audiences with creative lifestyle content, training programs and distinctive products that inspire and transform. The Amazing Woman’s Day global initiative she founded in 2001 was honored with a United States Congressional Proclamation for her inspiration of women entrepreneurs. Now, with the ONE MILLION CALLED initiative she ignites a new wave of success leadership inspiring millions to create a legacy of sacred work + life of purpose.


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