Meet Crock Pot Moms’ Mompreneur – Written by Abby Lawton

A “mompreneur” can be defined as balancing the stress and hard-work of an entrepreneur and the full-time duties of being a mom, and that is exactly what Lisa Kozich, has done since she launched her blog in 2011. Kozich is the brains, business, founder, and CEO of Crock Pot Moms. Being a new mom and working full time, she wanted a way to connect with other parents and she quickly created a community where they could share recipes all over.

Not realizing exactly what this blog could bring, Kozich, from Pennsylvania, found herself rapidly gaining a following that now reaches millions of people daily through social media. She has been dominating social media, like Facebook, where her Crock Pot Mom pages almost hit a million likes. With this, she is able to connect with people all around the world. Her Instagram account has nearly thirty thousand followers and counting. Not only is she using her social media platform to share recipes, but she wants to empower women and make them feel good, and she knows she can do that through cooking.
CPmomsBeing a mompreneur requires balancing the demands of children and requirements of running a business. Not only is Kozich a mom and entrepreneur, but she is also an author, guest blogger, guest reporter for TMZ, motivational speaker with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Therapy, and a radio host for Sirius XM radio. It is not easy to balance and she believes that the best way to figure it out is through practice and trial and error. Kozich has found a routine that “helps tremendously” when dealing with multiple projects and jobs.

Stress and a busy schedule comes with the mompreneur title, but Kozich has found a way to deal with it all. She manages all of it because of the wonderful support system she has. Her husband, family, and team all help her when she gets overwhelmed. Along with her support system, she found different ways to destress. “I unplug my phone or let it die and do chores with my favorite songs.” Kozich said. “I love to dance and sing my favorite songs.” She thinks it is important to “do things you love and get out of that funk and speak and spend time with others who have a positive outlook.” She believes that networking with people who went through the same things can help because they can help avoid “detours” or “roadblocks.”

Kozich has found incredible success since launching her page. To her, success is not “how much money one makes.” She thinkss that that is a “great reward and helps you continue your goals and dreams” but success is “more than dollar signs.” She thinks that success is about accomplishing things you knew you could do. “Getting the goal is success to me.” Kozich said. “Working as hard as you can but loving what you do while you do it.” Along with that, she loves seeing other people succeed that she has helped or taught and she gets excited hearing others stories from around the globe. In becoming successful, the advice she would give is to not “lose you.” “You got successful with your mind and ideas,” she said, “don’t ever lose that positive impact.” Kozich also said to remember who attributed to that success- each family, friend, and supporter. Lastly, she said to give back and never stop at one successful thing. “Keep climbing because the many views are worth it and it’s nice to help others get theirs as well.”

Since creating her blog, she has been giving wonderful opportunities. Kozich was featured twice on the ABC daytime show FABlife. Her firstcp2 feature was on November 3rd.  She was then re-featured in December on the “Best of Chrissy’s recipes” for the Bubble Pizza recipe. The most rewarding outcome for her is being able to meet fans and inspire others to achieve their dreams. Growing her page organically and now having fans in every state and globally, she believes that people can go for their dreams. Not only that, but Kozich has the opportunity to help others and create great content on her pages. She has the ability to hear stories and see recipes around the globe while giving tips and tricks. Kozich has also been blessed with tv shows, a Sirius XM radio show, being able to speak at events, and a huge college talk at the University of California, Los Angeles as well as communities in the Pittsburgh area.

Although she has been given multiple opportunities from her blog, it did not come easy. She has been faced challenges each day. One of the hardest things for Kozich to learn to do was juggling a busy schedule. Since her page has a huge reach, she is always getting emails, messages, questions, and projects. She considers time to be a huge obstacle since there is “only one of me.”

With a huge social media platform, and being a CEO and life coach among many other things, Kozich shows just what hard-work, passion, dedication, and determination are. These are all the qualities a woman to be an excellent and successful mompreneur. Kozich is also a good example how one dream, or one crock pot, can take you far.


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