Mom-Prenuer Jamie Bazar Say Yes to being a Mom-Prenuer!

Meet Mom-Prenuer and Ruby Ribbon Stylist Jamie Bazar



Q: We know you’re a dedicated Mompreneur. What did you do before becoming a Mom?

A: I was a surgical Sales Representative for Bard- Oncology Division. I loved the prestigious pay and felt like I was really making a difference in patient care. I planned to go back to work after my maternity leave, but my perspective shifted after my first son (Schrader) was born. I was also working for lia sophia Jewelry (since 2006) which began simply as a fundraiser to help pay for my wedding. I made $13,000 my first year with lia sophia just having fun that I decided to keep it going as my creative release. Once I decided to resign from Bard, I was so thankful to have a plan B to fall back on.

Q: What originally drew you to Ruby Ribbon?

A: I saw an ad on FB for the Women’s Day magazine award and since I consider myself a Cami connoisseur I really wanted to try out the Cami. Within minutes of clicking on the ad I received a call/text and email from Ruby Ribbon which I thought was impressive. I also saw an article from Wall Street Journal article saying that Ruby Ribbon is “Shapewear that Blends Lululemon Style Mixed with Spanx Support.” I LOVED Lululemon & didn’t like my 1 pair of Spanx (Assets for Target), and I was intrigued to keep reading. I was jamie 3headed to Northern California for a work conference for my husband (very pregnant with 2 toddlers) and Ruby Ribbon headquarters happened to be an hour from my hotel. I decided to go check out the award winning Cami and knew that I had found something special when I realized they occupied a loft space above a Subway sandwich shop. I got to meet Anna Zornosa Founder/CEO and she gave me the warmest hug and said “thank you for coming to check us out.” Even though my scheduled c-section was only 3 months away I needed to find something that would fill my heart and help cover my mortgage. I felt like this was the perfect fit! I went on to be the first women to reach the top of the career plan in just 12 months, which included a 2 month paid maternity leave that Ruby Ribbon generously gave me.

Q: You’ve been so successful! Is there a fit between being a mom and Ruby Ribbon? What is it?

A: Having Flexible Focus and time management. I built my business initially during nap time and capitalized on the quiet hours when the rest of the household was asleep. I also like to take my kids to a number of activities and outdoor places where I come into contact with new people. I am passionate about the benefits of being bra-free and my mantra is “wear it and share it.”

jami5Q: Would you encourage moms to take the leap and become a Mom-preneur with a company like Ruby Ribbon? What would you say?

A: YES! Some moms, like me maybe didn’t plan to be stay at home moms. It is a huge shift culturally to say good bye to one chapter of your life that may have been a big part of your identity. Ruby Ribbon is a great fit because you can create meaningful adult relationships with both clients and other Ruby Ribbon stylists and feel like you are still making a contribution to society outside of your home. In other cases, by cutting back to 1 household income some moms have to live very budget consciously which can also be challenging. With our Trunk Show averages being so high, and the ability to customize your biz with PSAs and Cami Challenges, you can really make a significant impact on your family budget, have a treat yo’self-moment at the salon, plan an extra family vacation and/or pay for those extra activities that your kids want to do. In my opinion spending time on my Ruby Ribbon business is the BEST value of my time away from my kids.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a RR Stylist?

A: There are so many FAVORITES! My #1 today is that I am 100% confident that I have the ability to make an instant impact on the way that woman feels about herself each time I invite a new woman to step into our product. It could save her from the agony of strapping on that horrible bra each day, or like me it could have the ability to give her HOPE to meet and exceed goals that she hadn’t even dreamed of.

Q: What achievement are you most proud of as a Stylist?jami6

A: I am proud that a program that I created called the Cami Challenge has been adopted nationwide and helped other women launch and become successful in this business. I have always LOVED to educate and I really enjoy being able to do that with Cami Challenge workshops.

Q: Anything else you would add to help us tell your story?

A: By the end of this month I will have promoted 17 women within my Dream Team into Leadership. NOW is the TIME! We don’t have any competition, our clients absolutely LOVE us and the Ruby Ribbon compensation plan makes excelling in this company so achievable. It’s basically Direct Sales Disneyland- you just won’t know it’s the “Happiest Place on Earth” until you jump in and give it a try!




Jamie Bazar is a mom of 3 and an independent stylist and business developer for Ruby Ribbon. Check her out at


  • a thought by Jamie

    Thanks Betsy! CONGRATS on this NEW adventure😘


  • a thought by Steph

    Jamie is one amazing woman and she’s such a genuine friend that everyone needs to have. Way to go Jamie! !!


  • a thought by Carolyn

    Jamie is such an amazing woman… As busy as she is as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, she still finds time to be a coach, mentor, cheerleader to all her friends and colleagues. She is one of the most generous people that I know! Great article!!


  • a thought by Susan

    Jamie is awesome and genuine and shares from her heart!


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