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Yoga as a way to connect and play!


Yoga has been such a deep passion and practice and has been a part of my life for over twenty years! So one could imagine how much I missed this beautifully grounding and mind-re-centering time for self after our daughter was born. When I received the six-week-all-clear to return to physical activity I thought I’d have at least an hour a day to get on the mat….HA! A full day just seemed to slip away….and then weeks….and months. I looked into postnatal yoga classes, however the time just never seemed to line up with baby, breastfeeding, pumping, napping, etc.


Finally I had a clear thought, “Bring the baby on the mat with you!” Wow! Brilliance through the new-mommy-brain-fog!


We had such a FUN time together!!! Baby laughed, I laughed! And I was able to get my flow on for 45 minutes!!! I felt extremely peaceful, fulfilled, happy, and restored. I had done something magical for my body, mind, emotions and soul!


Whether you’re a seasoned yogini or not, I highly recommend giving mom-and-baby yoga a try! There are sooooooo many benefits to carving out time like this for self…..and baby!

Benefits for mom:

  • peaceful and happy state of being
  • happy hormones and endorphins flow through your body
  • sense of clarity
  • spiritual connection and alignment
  • helps your body quickly get back into alignment after delivery
  • relieves postpartum depression
  • you get to connect with baby in new, playful ways


Benefits for baby:

  • feels your happy, peaceful emotions
  • learns new ways of interacting with you
  • learns how to integrate into your life instead of being outside or separate from your day-to-day activities
  • can instill wonderfully supportive practices into baby’s life that can last a life time.


If you’re familiar with the various yoga postures, find a way to integrate baby into what you already know….just make sure baby is well supported physically. You can lay baby down on your mat or on a blanket, or you can also get baby his/her own yoga mat! We were gifted one for Aria Sky! It was a regular mat cut in half! Brilliant! When baby is able to sit up you’ll have even more options!


If you’re new to yoga, I suggest attending a class or watch a video on basic Hatha Yoga postures. Remember to ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If something doesn’t feel good, then don’t do it! Be gentle on yourself. Remember, this is time for self-care, balance, restoration and time to connect inward and with baby.


Some quick examples of how to integrate baby into a yoga practice:

  • Lay baby on the mat while you move through sun salutation. Talk to baby, use your hair to sweep over baby, tickle baby or make funny faces as you breathe!
  • Hold baby for added strength training.
  • Balancing postures: use baby as your focus for balance.
  • Warrior postures: extend down to the floor and engage baby!
  • Meditate or savasana (final resting pose) at the end of your practice: hold baby. By this point baby may fall asleep!


After my yoga and meditation practice I realized I didn’t have to separate myself from my baby! I could easily and joyfully integrate her into my regular world and didn’t have to throw away something so near and dear to my heart. I felt soooooo happy, joyful, balanced and calm! A happy mom creates a happy baby and a happy life experience!


Remember to enjoy and have fun playing with yoga with baby! You’ll both LOVE it and get soooooo much goodness from it!


taraTara Antler is an Intuitive Healer, SOUL Coach & Mentor, Author of The Healing Manual, International Speaker, Transformational Leader and LOVE-Igniter. She is the Founder of Tara Healing Sanctuary, Truth Talk on BlogTalkRadio, and most recently The Academy of LIGHT ™. Tara has created several spiritual and healing certification programs, has worked directly with some of the worlds most prolific leaders in the new age community – like Louise Hay and Mikki Willis (Elevate TV), runs “get happy” and “Soul Awakening” retreats around the world, offers a powerful online program in self healing, and has co-created an online TV show with her husband called “Soul Awakening TV”. Visit her website to learn more!


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