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I am the founder and designer of House Of Jaguar, Inc., an online jewelry, accessory and spiritual travel company. I am a single mom of two amazing teen age boys that have changed my life and inspired me to reach for so much more, to overcome an abusive marriage, to travel to indigenous lands in search wisdom, to self realize and take control of my life. It’s been a long road to healing and understanding and I am grateful for every step.


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In 1988, I earned a BFA degree from Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design and later in life, I graduated the 4 year mystery school, the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts Training. I am a classically trained clothing designer, shamanic practitioner and ordained minister of the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregation. I was inspired at a young age by my family of painters, writers, sculptors, photographers, and musicians with the avante-garde way of life… to seek beauty and meaning beyond ordinary life, to search beneath the surface for truth and to ask questions.


At 19, I left for California and immersed myself into the world of fashion. I loved it. It was an amazing world and I had the opportunity to work with so many highly creative, talented and inspiring people. All of whom sought beauty and meaning beyond the ordinary. My life was a beautiful dream until I was presented with one of the greatest lesson of my life. It was during this time that I met and married my husband who worked in the garment industry too. When I fell in love with him I opened myself completely to “love.” What I was naive to was how to self contain, be strong and firm in loving myself and adopting healthy boundaries for myself, honoring myself and my place in the world. What resulted, was a gross imbalance of personal power. Basically, I gave all of mine to him to hold and care for. He was so damaged and wounded himself that he didn’t know what to do with it and he became resentful. That resentment, along with his own feelings of unworthiness, slowly built into abuse toward me. It began with verbal and emotional abuse, then physical abuse, financial abuse, legal system abuse, gas lighting, control and manipulation. How could this possibly be happening to me? I was a good person and always had been. Despite my natural curiosity for truth and meaning I was faced with a side of myself I had no idea existed. I had no reference point to see this reality. I was naive. He was manipulating me into destroy myself and he was winning.

This is definitely NOT what I wanted for my children. I knew this would be a long, long road out of this loveless marriage and I would risk everything, including my standing with my children, who I loved so much. It took a year of planning and a very deliberate commitment to myself, in spite of my very weakened will and emotional state. I had also developed Autoimmune disease, Celiac disease and Graves disease. I felt like a hollow shell moving through the daily rounds of tasks, spaced out all the time. But each step I took toward myself, I felt my strength return.


I knew that I could not do this alone and began looking for help. What would I tell my children who were coming into this confusing world? What wisdom could I give them? The more I thought about it, the more profound my existential search became. In Los Angeles, I sought out naturopathic doctors and learned to heal myself through food. I had heard stories of shamans and medicine people who carried secret knowledge of the ancient ways of living in peace, harmony and abundance, stories of ancient cultures that knew the secrets of life, our history and beyond. I joined dreaming groups led by apprentices of Don Miguel Ruiz and enrolled in Lynn Andrews’ mystery school, the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts Training. Soon, I was led to a world of indescribable beauty and love, a world of the ancient way of life that I had no idea existed. The journey took me deep into the Mayan jungles of the rainforest and to the Toltec highlands. I felt like I was searching for hidden treasures of humanity, amidst a world fraught with violence, abuse and lost souls.


House of Jaguar, Inc. is inspired from these lands, the land of the jaguar which has so many stories to tell, to teach us how to live inadventure momprenuer jewelry peace, in harmony, in abundance with all of life…. so many answers to so many questions. House of Jaguar Jewelry reflects beauty behind the pain, meaning beyond the ordinary, spirituality arising from the superficial, and the search for ancient wisdom just because. The jewelry and accessories are a collection of handmade one of a kind pieces. The beads, pendants, artifacts, leather and stones are found and collected from all over the world. The brand represents elements of modern ancientness, timeless spirituality and empirical beauty.


Today the joy of the search continues. I organize spiritual journeys to the ancient and sacred sites of Teotihuacan, Palanque, Yaxchilan,  Misol Ha, Lacandonia and other sites. We travel and uncover mysteries and secret knowledge of the ancient masters. Discover for yourself the rich and healing knowledge of the ancestors and see the beautiful and sacred sites of Mexico on my next spiritual journey…


My search for truth and meaning has taken me to the depths of confusion, pain, and suffering. It has taken me to unbelievable heights of inspiration, beauty and love. It has been an amazing journey that could not have been anticipated – it has been the journey home and it was my children who inspired me.


En La’a kech (I am another you)

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  • a thought by Debbie Johnson

    Very sad yet beautiful and inspiring story. I have always looked up to you Dre’ I’ve never forgotten you after all these years and I thought of you quite often. I am so happy for you in your new journey in life. You have the most beautiful children. And you are so beautiful yourself, inside and out. Thank you for sharing your story. It was very inspiring to me because I too have a story. And I am grateful for the woman that I have become today because I fought to become her. Love you girl, blessed be your journey 💜💙💚❤💛


  • a thought by Keith

    I love my Sky Walker pendent!

    En La’a kech


  • a thought by Connie Cox

    Bright Blessings to you!


  • a thought by Dreanna

    Thanks so much Debbie.. It means a lot to hear your response to my very personal journey that feels risky yet necessary to share.. You are a talented and beautiful woman and I would love to see you and catch up on all the time that has passed. I would also love to hear your story🙏🏼❤️XO


  • a thought by Debbie Johnson

    Call me anytime. I would love to chat with you. 904-531-8485. It’s been so long. I am very proud to know you. Also very proud of your courage. It takes a dam fine woman and mother to take the steps that you have. Always be proud of yourself. Your children are very lucky to have such a wonderful mother. 😀 Love you sister 💙💜


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