Featured Meaningful Momprenuer- Kate Gardner

Hi, I’m Kate Gardner. This is my story of surviving Domestic Violence and thriving in business and life!

If you had told me over 3 years ago that I would be the one to help over 120 people become international best-selling authors, coach TV personalities from all across the world, publishing the books of awarding winning Hollywood film directors, and be the creator of an international best-selling book series, I would have laughed at you and thought you were talking crazy!!

You see 4 years ago I suffered a stroke due to anxiety disorder, which was brought on by the stress of the domestic violence I was experiencing in my relationship. The anxiety disorder set off huge panic attacks that my body could no longer handle.

The stroke left me unable to move my right hand and arm for over 2 months. This was a massive wake up call to get out of the relationship I was in, not just for the sake of my health, but for my children’s sake too. I completely lost all self-worth, self-confidence and my self-love no longer existed.

My entire being had been replaced with an empty shell that didn’t even have enough confidence to pick up the phone to make a call. To cut a long story short, 5 years and many many life coaches later I went from being a complete mess with no idea how I would get through the next day, to becoming a 15 x Best Selling Author, coach, and International publishing company in ONLY 3 YEARS! I have experienced a lot of failures, frustrations and crap on my journey to success. Would I change any of it? NO! Because it gives me the experience to stand here and teach other people “How” to succeed, and “How” to shine with an upfront no bullshit approach.

So if I can do this… SO CAN YOU!


What is your parenting Philosophy?

I grew up in the 1980’s in a poor family in a small village called Queensbury, West Yorkshire, England. We had very little money and I always had to watch other families have the nice clothes, the nice holidays and everything else that other children had but me.

I made a promise to myself from a very young age that I would never grow up and give my children that life. That they would never have to feel deprived or never have to go without. That promise stayed true and my children have had an amazing childhood and never wanted for nothing. In 2004 I qualified as a child psychologist which completely changed my outlook on parenting and made me really take stock of everything that I was doing was conditioning my child’s mind for their adulthood.

Plus, at the same time I was not going to be a walk over. I was a single mum for 11 years, and a business owner. I had to be even stronger with my boundaries so that these two kids couldn’t run rings around me.

I provide structure and sets limits, but explain reasons for punishments in an effort to encourage independence because I know these two children are their own person and me suffocating that persona would not let them truly blossom into the unique individuals that they are.

What is your meaning and purpose?

My whole work is built on the foundations of helping people succeed, feeling lit up, alive and letting them know it’s possible to live out your dreams. The many years I wasted on the creative ideas I had, all because of my own fears and worrying what others would think about me. Them fears are still there, but how I handle them now, unlike 5 years ago, is completely different.

If something scares me I run straight into it instead of running from it.

Did you know this all along or was it something you figured out later in life? /How did you come to this?

Have you ever heard the saying “You start on a journey to a dream and it becomes something even more wonderful?” Well that was me, and that is really how my journey has continued up to this present day. I take a huge ass goal and then it becomes an even bigger outcome which ends up creating something in the world that changes lives all across the world.

The ideas I act upon always become 2000% more amazing then when I first started out. The people that come together in these goals are astounding people and the lives touched in the process are immense.

I do have to pin point it all to personal growth and that if I had never started the journey to working on myself, then none of products, books or anything I have created would exist. To me it’s building the legacy for generations to be inspired by.

Leaving them foot prints in the sand for my grandchildren to follow.


Do you have a daily practice or special “me time” ritual?

I do, I always take an hour to 90 minutes for myself every morning. I read, I pray or go for a long walk or run. I commit to learning at least 2 hours a week minimum on new skills, spirituality or mastering the skills I already have. I have to keep growing in order for my results to keep growing. The day I stop working on myself will be the day God decides I am no longer needed on this planet.


Website: www.themissingpiecemagazine.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/themissingpiecemagazine



Kate Gardner is a #1 International Best-Selling Author and Editor of The Missing Piece Magazine and Publisher of the International Best-Selling Book Series The Missing Piece.

As coach Kate helps raise her client’s self-esteem and self-confidence through providing tools and platforms to help them present themselves to highly targeted traffic. Kate has the honor and pleasure of consulting TV personalities and award-winning Hollywood film directors.


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