Motherhood’s Not for Punks

patrina bookMotherhood’s Not for Punks:

A Badass Mom’s Guide To Self Mastery, Mindful Mothering And Having It All When You Do It All

The Western Woman Will Save the World. –Dalai Lama Motherhood is not for punks. Moms often complain that it’s hard to find time for themselves. They have a tendency to discount their own personal power, lose their identity, and/or forget who they are. Many of them set aside their own dreams and happiness because they still believe it’s their responsibility to be selfless nurturers… They are constantly saying things like ‘I have no time for myself’ or ‘maybe next year I’ll ___’ but I say, that’s an old played out paradigm. The days of martyrdom are over. As women and as mothers it’s time for us to reclaim our voice, awaken our personal power, and BE the change that the world is seeking. This book will help you REMEMBER who you really are, OWN your personal power, GUIDE you in practicing impeccable Self-Care and EXPOSE you to the philosophy of Self-Ful Mothering, rather than Self-Less Mothering! The world is waiting for you!




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