Forgo the Flu shots and try this instead!

The cold and flu season is just around the corner and moms with school age kids are bracing for the onslaught of coughs, colds and runny noses that come with the cooler months. Worse still, according to the CDC, flu activity can begin as early as October.

Both the common cold and influenza are infections caused by viruses, carried by minute droplets that get into the body through the nose, mouth and eyes. The good news is that catching a little cold and healing from it quickly is good for the immune system because it teaches it how to deal with and defend against pathogens. A strong immune system will recover from a cold in a couple of days.

As moms, what we should be more wary of are those colds, coughs and fevers that hang around, since they can be the sign of a weaker immunity. Of course, there is a lot we moms can do to reduce the frequency and length of colds and prevent the flu.

As we all know, the simplest thing to do to prevent sickness is to “wash our hands.” It ought to be a mommy mantra around this time of year and it probably is already in most households. Beyond hand washing, good nutrition with plenty of green vegetables and lots of liquids is clearly important to good health; but, what else can we do? Many moms are turning to essential oils because they can be a simple and natural way to help protect and boost immunity and here’s why:

1. Anti-microbial: Essential oils are the concentrated extracts from plants that may have healthful benefits for users. In fact, some like lavender, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, pine and clove are useful for preventing bacteria growth.
2. Immune stimulants: Essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus and lemon not only have anti-microbial properties, they can also help to stimulate the immune system. Rosemary, tea tree and thyme, garlic, sandalwood and even peppermint can also help to boost the immune system into action.
3. Detox: Some other essential oils like carrot seed, cypress, grapefruit, angelica root, lemon, grapefruit and rosemary are useful for cleansing the body of toxins and germs. Ginger is also useful where toxins are concerned since it is believed to warm the body and help to clear the lungs and sinuses. Moreover, ginger is also believed to help the lymphatic system, which could be described as the body’s sewage system.

While essential oils can support prevention, they can also be useful alternatives if you or the kids get sick. Many people like to use a diffuser or to drop the oils into a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam produced while under a towel, which is especially helpful if they get a stuffy nose – a drop of eucalyptus in warm water can work wonders to unblock the sinuses. Of course, today, some really useful and clever ideas are on the market that can sidestep the mess and inconvenience of traditional methods of aromatherapy. Delivery systems such as personal inhalers, roll-ons, balms, necklaces and nasal clips containing symptom appropriate, blended oils can be found in health food stores, pharmacists and some are even being used in hospital systems around the country.

Nurse and mother, Cindy Mackin, who has suffered from sinus infections for over three years, recently used an aromatherapy nasal clip during a particularly bad series of chronic sinus infections. She had been using antibiotics, ibuprofen and Flonase to help ease the stuffy nose and headaches that came with the infections. In the past year she turned to using an aromatherapy nasal clip. “I use it whenever I wake up with headaches and a stuffy nose – I’m trying to get away from using antibiotics as much as I can and this is a great alternative,” says Cindy. “I’ve never tried aromatherapy. I’ve never had any desire to use aromatherapy before – I don’t like that it’s oily. Some people don’t mind the oil and will spray essential oils on their pillow, but I don’t like having oil on my skin. That’s why I like the nasal clips: you don’t have to handle oil. I like that this is hands-free and you don’t get any residual oily feel.”
Cindy found that a blend of essential oils that included lemon grass, peppermint and eucalyptus really helped with the headaches and the runny nose. Of course, as we moms know, using essential oils to support wellness are not a substitute for the common sense cold fighting methods like sleep, fluids and going to the doctor if we or our kids feel worse. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the more we have in our armory to fight off germs the better we are. Essential oils are just another way to boost our defenses.

Meaningful moms know avoiding over use of antibiotics and finding Natural Remedies to our children’s health and wellness creates a healthier life.

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