Raising Conscious and Involved Kids

Why I took my kids to the 2017 Women’s March

By Betsy Chasse

On January 21st 2017 my kids and I along with millions of people around the world took to the streets to march in solidarity with woman (and men) for women’s rights, peace, unity and compassion for each other.

Many have said that “forcing” children to go to events that reflect a parents political views is akin to using them as pawns. Kids get sympathy and should be left out of the political frey.

I whole-heartedly disagree!

It’s possible to educate our children on our democratic processes without forcing them to conform to our views. A huge piece of Conscious Parenting is to listen to our kids, engage with them on their level what’s happening in their world and to help them find ways to express their views intelligently.

Children are much smarter and more aware than we often give them credit for and giving them opportunity to express themselves , in their own voice is empowering and calming. Just like adults, when kids feel heard they feel safe, and involved in the process. Children who grow feeling they have a voice and educated in using that voice learn to make a positive impact in the world.

After the march my son who is 9 asked me a great question.

“Ok, Mom, now what? Is that it? Did we change it all today?”

What followed was a wonderful conversation about what we all can do to stand up for our beliefs. Writing letters to our elected officials, and when they are able, voting, volunteering and contributing money to the causes they care about. What they learned in that one day was that it takes alot of work to create the world we all deserve and we can’t just leave it up to a few. We must be involved. We must be knowledgable and informed as citizens.

We talked about disagreements and that not every one will have the same beliefs and ideas that they do. It’s important to learn to communicate with respect, to listen and to be willing to learn and to compromise, to find common ground and to work together so that we all have a peaceful, prosperous planet to live on.

So to those that say “Leave your kids at home”. I say “TAKE THEM WITH YOU” allow them to make their own signs, even if you don’t agree, give them the freedom to express their views, help them understand why they feel the way they feel and give them an outlet to share it.

Help them be a part of creating their future. When they grow up, you’ll watch them thrive and shine and be conscious citizens of the world.


Betsy Chasse, Mom to Elora and Max, is the co-founder and Editor of Meaningful Mom Magazine, an award winning filmmaker and author. Learn more about her other work at www.betsychasse.net

In the photo at the top Elora and Max are pictured with Tess Cacciatore founder of GWEN (Global WOmen’s Empowerment Network) a great organization and website streaming conscious media and supporting important issues around the world.

Check out their video.




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