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We are so excited you want to write for us! Our mission with Meaningful Mom is to share inspiring, and honest, authentic, heartfelt, real and raw stories about what it means to be a Meaningful Mom!

What is a Meaningful Mom? She is conscious and aware of what her purpose is in life, or she’s on a journey to discover that meaning and purpose trumps materialism every day of the week. She is eco-friendly, interested in learning about ways to connect with her children in a deeper way, she probably spends more time playing than watching TV, she’s creative ( oh we don’t just mean artistic, she may be a CPA or a Lawyer, but she’s deeply connected to her feminine and her heart) Or she wants to be, which is why she’s reading Meaningingful Mom and that’s where you come in!


We live in a wild and crazy world, the other day I had a talk with my kids, who are just learning the ins and outs of proper cell phone etiquette (Yes a Meaningful Mom can still allow her kids to have a cell phone, it’s that kind of world and we’re aware of it) and the conversation turned to prank calls, ok admit it, you did it, or your friends did it and while we can yammer on about how that isn’t conscious, well it sounds really fun to our kids and they know we did it so why can’t they? Well in our day we didn’t have Caller ID! A Meaningful Mom isn’t necessarily hiding in the woods, living off the land, although they might be, they are looking for ways to live in this world and still love life, every minute of it, and they are looking for ways to help their kids navigate the new world which keeps changing everyday. 

Articles can be submitted on multiple topics from parenting tips (best to specify age groups), single parenting,  Mom-prenuers, travel, education,pregnancy, new moms, Grand-moms, Step-moms. We are open to other ideas, throw it out there.


Please specify which area you think your article would fit best, we might put it there, or we might not.


Articles must be no less than 800 words and no more than 2000 words.


Please include a 150 word bio and a link to your website or where ever people can find you and a simple headshot, or image with you and your kids, with permission to publish. Please also provide links to all your social media platforms.


We LOVE LOVE LOVE VIDEOS!!!! They will need to hosted on our youtube channel. Please provide us with a link the Youtube or Vimeo link where the video can be downloaded.


Thank you! We can’t guarantee we’ll publish it, but we’ll let you know when we do and we ask that you share share share!! Thank you!

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