Domestic Violence


Momprenuer- Dreanna Bane – House Of Jaguar

Jewelry Design, Spirituality and Adventure I am the founder and designer of House Of Jaguar, Inc., an online jewelry, accessory and spiritual travel company. I am a single mom of two amazing teen age boys that have changed my life and inspired me to reach for so much more, to overcome an abusive marriage, to […]


Leaving After Cheating – To Divorce or Not by Marla Keller

Is it time for a Divorce?   Note: If you are in a relationship where you are afraid for your safety physically and/or emotionally, please find a safe place to go, and leave immediately. Call this number if you do not have a safe place to go: National Domestic Hotline 800-799-7233. Listen to Betsy Chasse interview […]

Domestic Violence

Featured Meaningful Momprenuer- Kate Gardner

Hi, I’m Kate Gardner. This is my story of surviving Domestic Violence and thriving in business and life! If you had told me over 3 years ago that I would be the one to help over 120 people become international best-selling authors, coach TV personalities from all across the world, publishing the books of awarding […]