Little Soul Highs

Moments of connection are our soul’s gifts to us. By Kirstin Rochford   As a parent, we are always looking for ways to pass along wisdom to our children that has sometimes taken us a lifetime to learn on our own. Have you ever thought, in a moment of clarity, “wow, if I had known […]


Moms…you rock… never forget it… never… This year I decided to say Thank you a whole lot more. I could complain about money, clients, films, boyfriends, girlfriends, family… and yet I am grateful.. Today I… made a full breakfast for my kids, eggs (I tried to make them shaped like hearts…epic fail BTW), Toast and […]


Dream Dates for Moms – Color Me Happy

  It’s time to color! Yes even for MOMS! By Debbie Spector Weisman   It’s been one of those days. The kids have left the house in shambles, you open the refrigerator to take out ingredients to make meatballs and discover you’re out of ground beef, your husband is off on a business trip, and […]


Featured Meaningful Mom – Rhoda Chiyabi

A Surprise Twin Birth, heartbreak and a vision. One Mom shares how she had a dream and brought it into reality and educates and inspires pre-schoolers in Zimbabwe.   By Rhoda Chiyabi   In 1987 I was blessed with the birth of undiagnosed twin girls in “Hwangi Colliery Hospital ” in rural Zimbabwe.   Everybody in […]


Featured Meaningful Mom Donna De Luca

  When times are hard, life is tough and if you’re weak you’ll never pull through but if you’re strong you’ll never be defeated. High school yearbook quote Donna De Luca   Mom – Step-mom – Momprenuer Empowering Youth to Lead! Who is Donna De Luca?   I am a passionate, creative, driven, determined, resilient, […]