Law of Attraction


Little Soul Highs

Moments of connection are our soul’s gifts to us. By Kirstin Rochford   As a parent, we are always looking for ways to pass along wisdom to our children that has sometimes taken us a lifetime to learn on our own. Have you ever thought, in a moment of clarity, “wow, if I had known […]


Moms…you rock… never forget it… never… This year I decided to say Thank you a whole lot more. I could complain about money, clients, films, boyfriends, girlfriends, family… and yet I am grateful.. Today I… made a full breakfast for my kids, eggs (I tried to make them shaped like hearts…epic fail BTW), Toast and […]


Multi-Tasking MomPrenuer by Betsy Chasse

Is Balance possible? Can I do it all with Creativity and Ease? By Betsy Chasse Visit Betsy’s Patreon page for more inspiring, insightful and empowering tips on being a Mom-prenuer! I am a single mom of two, an author a filmmaker, I run a very awesome mom website (#meaningfulmom), I blog for multiple magazines and […]


Today, I’m Brave.

Meaningful Mom Editor and Co-Founder Betsy Chasse was honored to be asked to be a part of the Today, I’m Brave. Listen to her share about following your heart in spite of your fear. Today, I’m Brave is a registered non-profit whose mission is to inspire bravery within individuals and organizations alike through Brave initiatives […]

betsy chasse

Tipping Sacred Cows

  The uplifting story of spilt milk, spirituality and finding your way in a hectic world. Calling all you spiritual flailers, wandering, lost along the path to enlightenment. Ok, you’ve meditated, you’ve fasted, you may even have shaved your head, or maybe you haven’t done any of those things but are considering it — don’t until you […]