Don’t forget your partner during the holiday madness.

The holidays can be such a busy time! Don’t forget your partner! By Lori Ann Davis   You know, all the children’s activities, spending time with the relatives, cooking, shopping, and cleaning.  The holidays can be a whirlwind of activity. During all of this madness, how to you find time for your partner. They need […]


Legal survival guides for Moms and Kids

As parents, we are entrusted with nourishing our children (physically, emotionally, spiritually).  We quickly learn that we cannot control everything that goes on in their life, no matter how hard we try.  We also learn that we cannot control everything that they do themselves.  While we strive to instill the notion that they must be […]


Tips on getting our kids to hear us!

How do we get our message through to ur kids? Communicating with them in their language… by Betsy Chasse I’ve had an epiphany…. I have a 12.5 year old (that .5 is like really important FYI) and a nine year old and I have spent the better part of their lives attempting to reach them, […]


Dream Dates for Moms -Enchanting Nature Walk

It’s time for a little Self Care! Take yourself for a walk, reduce your stress, connect back to your heart and relax. By Debbie Specter Weisman   You know that little voice inside your head, the one that’s feeding you thought after thought throughout your day, every day? Well, you may not realize it, but according […]

Busy Mom

Featured Meaningful Mom Yael Rose

I live in London with my musician husband and 5 amazing kids (Four boys – 14, 13, 11 and 9 and one girl age 3). I grew up in a tiny rural community in Israel called a Kibbutz.   I followed my husband to London in November 2000 and I love it! I own an […]

brain science

Winning With Mom Brain

Moms have alot to think about and sometimes not enough bandwidth in our brains to remember the small stuff. By Paige Nolan I go to Mexico for a long weekend once a year with my best friends, Amy and Lori. We rent a house, bring our husbands, and sit by the pool with magazines, margaritas, […]


Healthy relationships require boundaries.

Boundaries are a really healthy thing, especially after you’ve been burned.   I’ve noticed a few people in my world who have, shall we say, acted in ways unbecoming of a “friend”.  We didn’t really speak for a few years, actually they spoke, sending nasty emails about their opinions about me, my life, my parenting, […]


Keeping Your Own Faith

  Trusting your own intuition – creating your own experience of Motherhood By Paige Nolan I am standing in my parents’ kitchen when my mom says, “Your children are such a joy, honey. You’re doing a great job.”  I have just returned from a three-mile run outside in the early morning New Orleans heat. I […]