The Hard Truth: Do You Have a Purpose Beyond Parenting?

By Amanda Herr – Intuitive Life Purpose Guide

The day your baby is born is a day filled with beauty and miracles, pride and bliss. To experience something so magical is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s easy to see why our soul would choose this experience.

After some time, though, the feeling of new parenting bliss begins to wear off and we start to question if there’s more to life than parenting. While this can feel like our heart is being ripped apart, at times, it’s actually a good thing. It’s a reminder that you have a purpose beyond parenting.

*It seems relevant to state that if you feel your purpose is parenting and feel mainly in bliss with it, this may not be the article for you. This article is to open up the topic on the fact that we as parents are fully capable of stepping into our individual purpose beyond parenting.

Before becoming a parent, you likely had many goals and dreams. Some you obtained, others you were working towards, and some that didn’t fully occur to you until after you had kids. Having kids really puts life into perspective. It shows you how dedication is required for we want and wish to bring into our lives. Having kids also means having your energy pulled in multiple directions which can make moving towards certain goals, such as starting a business & stepping into your purpose, feel more difficult.

Feeling Lost & Uncovering Your Path

Over time parenting may feel like a loss of identity, that there’s something more we are looking for or don’t have. What this means is that we have simply allowed parenting to consume us, and in doing so feel lost on our own path.

One of the most difficult parts of becoming a parent is how much we allow it to consume us. Many of us lose our identities in parenting. We insist that our children are our purpose and there’s not much beyond that. In truth, there is. Don’t allow your dreams and goals to fall away simply because you brought a new life into this world. Choose instead to allow this new life and creation to empower you so you may also empower your child or children.

When we choose to step into our purpose as parents, we are showing our children that no matter where life takes us, we have the power and awareness to choose what we wish to do with it.

If you are reading this article there’s a good chance you have been questioning what your purpose is and how to uncover what it may be. At the end of this article you are welcome to sign up to receive a free 3-day email course that has been created with the sole purpose of guiding you how to Step into Your Purpose.

How to Choose Both Parenting & Your Purpose

In order to choose both parenting and your purpose you must choose to differentiate your needs from your child’s needs. Now this doesn’t mean to neglect them, but it does mean to provide time for self-care. Yep, you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Self-care, self-care, self-care!

Self-care is what allows us to keep our identies. It allows us to keep our passions strong and remember what we feel called to do beyond raising a little soul.

To implement time for self-care, decide how much time you can dedicate each day and how often each week. Then make a list of what you can do for self-care. It may be: taking a walk, drawing or painting, having a night out by yourself, with your husband, or with your friends, spending time in nature alone, learning something new, reading a book, or taking a bath. It can be pretty much anything that takes the focus off your kids and puts the focus onto you.

In doing so you allow for creative energy to flow through you so you have the ability to recognize what else sparks passion in you which leads you directly to, you guessed it, uncovering your purpose!

Feeling Aligned

As parents, we have received the blessing of having a life to cultivate not only for ourselves, but our children. We have been blessed with the opportunity to directly teach all that we know and learn. This has an immense purpose all on its own.

 In all truth, we do have a purpose beyond parenting. Your purpose is where your passions lie. Accepting that we can do both parenting and what we are passionate about allows us to be and feel fully aligned with our truest self.

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