What is love? A Children’s Book Review

My kids are 9 and 12 and have read every one of Etan Boritzer’s books. Our favorite was WHAT IS LOVE .  Teaching my kids about the many facets of love was fun and it got my kids loving to read!

To this day, both my kids cherish their What Is collection… we have donated many books, but these they want to keep for their kids.

what-is-love-childrens-bookWhat is Love? is the 2nd title in Etan Boritzer’s bestselling What is? series of Life Concepts books on character education, social issues and difficult topics. What is Love? is a way for children to discover how we all share many of the same needs and concerns in life, especially the need for love and understanding! Etan’s book communicates a message of multiculturalism and diversity as the means by which goals of understanding and tolerance can be reached. Using a sincere yet playful approach for appreciating one of life’s most tender emotions, children can ponder and discuss the total human experience of honest caring and good will.

Etan Boritzer is the bestselling children’s book author of the What is? series  (for ages 5 to 11) with 14 titles now published in 16 languages. The series is widely respected and well known to schools, educators and parents. Etan is a featured speaker at childhood development conferences and workshops presenting his topic How to Use Books to Discuss Difficult Topics.

The What is? series is widely respected and used by educators and child-life professionals. Working interactively with these books, teachers and students develop comprehension and perspective, character and personality analytics, as well as deductive and inferential reasoning skills—all within individualized yet common core criteria considered necessary to successful efforts in reaching the array of goals associated with improving academics.. Teachers also appreciate the built-in question and answer lesson plan in each book. Students begin to understand how being healthy social individuals can be to everyone’s benefit. The books cultivate the critical thinking and interpersonal emotional skills that help to establish an essential foundation in preparing our children to become knowledgeable, responsible and caring adults. Thoughtful, sustained, and systematic attention to children’s social and emotional learning (SEL) using great books is the way to meet our goals!

The What is? series tackles the serious life concepts that children ask us about. The books provide guidance in exploring tough subject such as God, death, friends, peace, beauty, family and truth in a forthright but gentle manner. Etan maintains, “My job is not to teach, but to allow the child to learn.”

With numerous questions embedded in the text and thought provoking illustrations, children and adults can read Etan’s books interactively, helping to develop critical core thinking skills and emotional intelligence. The child’s acuity and innate intelligence is promoted by all of Etan’s books in order to help launch an essential inner confidence in the child that Etan finds leads children to become responsible thinking and caring adults.

Etan grew up in the Bronx, New York, moved to California in the 1960’s, and now resides in Los Angeles. When he is not busy writing the next book in the series, Etan also publishes other authors’ books and travels around the country doing lots of school book readings, and his popular ‘Young Writers Workshop.’ Etan has also been a yoga teacher since 1971 and teaches yoga in Los Angeles, as well as nationally as a guest teacher. Etan says that he writes mainly kids’ books because he also believes, quoting Audrey Hepburn when she was UN Goodwill Ambassador, “Children are the only hope.”


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