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When times are hard, life is tough and if you’re weak you’ll never pull through but if you’re strong you’ll never be defeated.

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Mom – Step-mom – Momprenuer

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Who is Donna De Luca?


I am a passionate, creative, driven, determined, resilient, sensual, sexy mamma on a mission! I was a stepmom before I was a mom. I have 3 extraordinary children that are the source of my WHY! Being a stepmom first gave me a sense of a deeper level of unconditional love.  I raised my stepson like my own and to this day in my heart although I didn’t give birth to him my bond with him is a profound love I am fortunate to experience.


I became a single mom when my children were very young, all under 7 years old and the biggest concern I had was that I would lose my stepson. I made sure with his mother that no matter what the siblings were not to be separated. We have a very unique story where my stepson’s mom is an auntie to my children and together with their father on the sidelines raised these great children and instilled strong values of family and unity.


The day I left the father of my children I had nothing to my name…I lost everything… no car, no home, no credit.

I had left my secure corporate job to go back to school to pursue one of my passions, interior design. I had applied for student loans and bursaries and the reality of becoming a dreadful statistic of living below the poverty line suddenly became my reality. This is definitely not what I dreamed of for my family.


As I was studying, I decided to get a job in interior design so I can gain experience. I went to a reputable Benjamin Moore Store and as I pretended to be a client I began consulting clients on the spot and there began my journey of launching my own business in Interior Design.


I had one goal in mind, NOT be that statistic forever. My children were my driving force. I knew that I was the foundation of their life and all I wanted to leave them was being a role model they can look up to as they grew up.  I learned to become very resilient, I strengthened my muscle of courage and I leaped in to taking bold risks.


In a flash I am now a mom to 3 young adults who are 24, 19 and 18 years old. They’re smart, outspoken, opinionated and very mature good human beings with a strong foundation of values.




What is your parenting philosophy?




I was very clear in my mind there was one thing I wanted to give my children…that they BELIEVE in themselves. That they knew deep in their soul I believed in them. I wanted them to feel when they looked in the mirror that they loved whom they saw and knew everything was possible.


From the first day of kindergarten I sent them off to school with the key slogan that would repeat year after year…I believe in YOU, do your best, have fun!


I believe strongly it is very important to allow our children to develop their own identity.  I didn’t spoil my children with material goods but with personal development.  I didn’t buy fancy toys but creativity played a primary role in our home. They had the basement to explore and create. So the ceilings had hockey stick slashes, the walls were a rainbow of paint, the room was divided between a music centre with a homemade drum set, a school run by my daughter, the furniture became a cabana centre, toilet paper rolls were recycled into different army weapons.  Every day I was entertained with their creations and was always in awe with their innovative imagination!


My son taught me a great lesson when he was in Grade 7. One day he decided to start failing. I get a call from teachers worried, inquiring what was going on at home. I was in shock. I sat my son down and expressed my disappointment and his response shocked me further. Mom, my marks will not determine if I succeed or not in life. It’s my choice whether I want to fail or not. Are these marks for me or for you?  If I fail I can learn more. That day I began letting go of how I expected him to perform and he taught me to TRUST him.  As a parent we have our own agenda of what we want for our children yet the best thing we can do is give them space to grow, explore, experience, discover, learn and be ok with some failure along the way.


I also believe our children are our greatest teachers. I feel it’s very important to listen to them, allow them to take the lead at times. I think it’s important to teach them boundaries at a young age.


As I step into my next role of parenting young adults, what I have come to face is detachment. I feel I am mourning mommy hood and welcoming motherhood. It is a normal transition that they want to pull away. I feel like a light switch at times, they want me to be their mommy that they need and in a second they are allergic to my existence. I am learning to trust, let go and detach from all the emotional entanglement we can experience. I have faith the foundation is strong and WE will all be ok as we ride the waves of transformation!




The business was a family team. As ambitious as I am, my children were always my priority. The fact that I was self-employed I had the flexibility to create my schedule to work around my family priorities. I brought my children to work with me often. Our home was not one with much routine. I worked late at night as well as weekends. It was not your perfect scenario; I call it a bohemian kind of scenario!

This resulted in my children adapting easily to different circumstances, being flexible, well behaved in public and exposed to challenges and uncertainty.


What is your meaning and purpose?

Did you know this all along or was it something you figured out later in life? How did you come to this?


I am at my third career reinvention and I feel I am living my true calling. I have founded an innovative youth leadership movement that teaches personal, professional and social-cultural development.  In looking back I see the link between my beginnings in corporate finance, interior design and leading our youth. I have discovered my gifts and talents through all these different careers; there is the common denominator of creativity, innovation and bold risk taking.

I feel we are on purpose every day if we do what we love and are contributing to making a difference.



Donna De Luca

Founder of Be The Change Global

Self-Esteem Expert, Leadership Coach, Motivational speaker

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Donna De Luca is on a mission: a mission to inspire people to live their highest potential and most passion-filled life.  She is a self-esteem expert, motivational speaker, leadership coach, show host and author.


Donna began her journey in the financial corporate world. As a young mother, she boldly went back to school to pursue interior design. Today she honors what she knows to be her true calling ~ helping people find passion and purpose in their careers, business, relationships, and life.


She leads an innovative and creative youth leadership program BE THE CHANGE GLOBAL that focuses on personal, professional and social cultural development. She envisions creating a commYOUnity with a sense of union from ME to WE.


Donna is a firm believer that she is here to make a difference with her God-given gifts and talents. A humanitarian at heart, a keen intuitive, and a dedicated single mother.  Donna has a passion that’s contagious, a trademark smile that’s infectious, and an enthusiastic spirit that awakens a true desire to thrive!





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